Who We Are

The parent company of Masala Raaj, Ramratan Ramdhan is operating in food grain business since 1907 and for the past century we have operated with only one thing in mind “Quality Matters the Most”.

Unlike most spice companies in India and around the world we take pride in calling our production process one of the most hygienic in the spice industry. We ventured into the world of Spices in the year 2012, realizing that pure spices are missing from the market and keeping this in mind, MASALA RAAJ was launched with the best and most hygienic process one could imagine.

We offer over 25 different types of spices which were prepared not in laboratories but rather in people’s homes with the help of home cooks and mothers to give you the product of culinary excellence of colour and flavor.

They say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, similarly don’t judge a spice by its packaging, taste its blend of flavors and judge it by yourself.

We also support different campaigns initiated by Govt. of India:
- Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
- Make In India
- Digital India